Experienced traveler. Ryan moved to San Diego the summer of 2015 from Chicago and instantly fell in love with Baja California. Weekend visits to Tijuana turned into weeknight dinners across the border. Now spending more time further south, Ryan enjoys the culture, people and hospitality of the Valle de Guadalupe on a frequent basis, exploring and sharing the amazing wineries, restaurants and culture the Baja has to offer!


Originally from Nigeria, Eno circled the globe passing through six continents before landing in California. He splits his time between San Diego and Tijuana, where he's refining his third language: Español Eno's friendly demeanor and outgoing personality combined with his passion for spirits and travel make him a fun and knowledgeable guide for your Baja experience.


As a Tijuana native, Oscar has been exploring and building memorable Valle de Guadalupe trips since 2013. He loves craft beer, great wine, good food and spending time with family. He is excited about showing people what Baja has to offer and making their visit a memorable experience.